Thursday, 29 May 2014

Microsoft Outlook – A Personal Information Manager (PIM)

What is Microsoft Outlook: -

Microsoft Outlook is an email client application. An email client is a smart software program that facilitates the users in accessing and managing their emails. This email client can be installed and used on your personal computer or workstation. Microsoft Outlook is available and can be obtained as a part of Microsoft Office suite.

The latest version of Outlook for Windows is Microsoft Outlook 2013 and for Mac is Microsoft Outlook 2011 . This fabulous email client application provides enormous features to its users for handling their emails. These features include calendar, task manager, note taking, etc.

Features of Microsoft Outlook: -

Microsoft Outlook is latest technology based software produced by Microsoft that allows you to manage your emails in an organized way. In addition to this, it is also equipped with many other features. Some basic features of Microsoft Outlook is mentioned below: -

• Manage Your Emails: -

You can manage and organize your emails as per your need and requirements. You have the facility to customize and modify your email messages by modifying the font or adding signatures to your email messages, etc.

Manage Your Contacts: -

You can easily manage your contacts (both personal and business) using Microsoft Outlook email client. You can add new contacts, import contacts from any of the email messages, etc. You can even import the email messages from the electronic business card too. 

• Security Measures: -

Microsoft Outlook ensures and guarantees the protection of user’s data and other relevant credentials. Outlook is enabled with an automatic feature of blocking the files and folders that are malicious.

•Archive your essential data: -


Outlook also allows you to archive your essential emails or data whenever required.

The above mentioned features are some basic features offered by Microsoft Outlook. Stay connected with this blog to explore Microsoft Outlook email client in detail.


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