Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Google Analytics – Monitor Your Website’s Traffic

Google Analytics is a free service provided by the Google to website or blog owners. The main purpose of using Google Analytics is to monitor the traffic that is visiting your web pages and then enrich your website to attract more and more traffic. Google is the most famous and most preferred search engine. The literary meaning of Analytics is “the systematic analysis of data or statistics” and this is what Google Analytics is meant for. 

Google Analytics is an approach that provides a powerful Digital Analytics Tool that is enriched with bundle of features for helping people who have a web presence. The best part of Google Analytics is that it is absolutely free for anyone who needs to use it.

Who can use Google Analytics?



Marketing Executives: -

  • Marketing Executives may easily view and judge that from which source they are getting more users.
  • They may also gain information about the type of products being preferred by the visitors.

 Web Designers: -

  •  Web Designers can make use of the user behavior attribute of Google Analytics and decide the type of layouts and other features that users prefer to view.

Content Writers: -

  • The ultimate quality of any webpage is judged by its content only.
  •  Content writers can draw conclusion from the data of Google Analytics that whether their content is being liked by the visitors or not.

If you have a web presence, then feel free to make use of Google Analytics and take its advantage.

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